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I’m Hot: Saucy modern seaside postcards

Suck Me Fab

The sun looks like it might actually make a few appearances this summer! So in celebration, I’ve made a few postcard designs of classic British ice creams. Slightly more hot and steamy than hot and sticky. Possibly both.

Long live saucy seaside postcards, just with less fat ladies in swimsuits on these ones.

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Silly Beans


This is Silly Beans, a sequel of sorts to Silly Voices. A children’s book designed to be read aloud, Silly Beans uses interactive counting and number recognition all helped by the rhyming word play. Written by my sister Lauren, she has used her Primary School Teacher know how to come up with something playful and endearing to read.


The design is bright and child friendly and reflects the jelly bean theme.  The pastel illustrations are laid placed so that they can be easily followed and pointed out with a little finger while the story is read. The line breaks help the rhymes flow even if the punctuation is skipped by children in a hurry!

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We’d love to hear any feedback on this little project. Both of us are already thinking up ideas for our next collaboration, which hopefully shouldn’t be too soon away!

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Say Goodbye

Simple typography poster with what was going through my head. I also printed it on 100% recycled paper.

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Paper Jam

Paper jams are my least favourite type of jam. I’m sure I get them more than anyone else when printing…  My take on a paper jam transforms it into a craft piece that anyone can put together. Three different versions in magenta, cyan and black, these Paper Jams are not like the ones you are used to.

The templates for these are available to download, print and make up below:

Paper Jam (cyan)
Paper Jam (Magenta)

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Whack Attack

My favourite game by far when I was young was Whack Attack…

The Wack-A-Mole type board game used bright colours and five memorable faces that you had to smash in with a hammer. The 80’s/90’s game never made a comeback, but my love of the design slicked (with an unhealthy obsession with pink and green together blamed on Whack Attack).

I’ve created vector designs for each of the faces which I’ve turned into posters, t-shirts and iPhone wallpapers. I love their simplicity and their emotive monster faces are perfect for Halloween!

The t-shirts are available from my t-shirt store at danmackey.spreadshirt.co.uk

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iPhone 4 wallpapers:
Blue Face 
Yellow Face
Green Face

iPhone 5 wallpapers:
Blue Face
Yellow Face
Green Face



Here is the hottest new iPhone 4 & 5 wallpaper to have at the moment (Use Whack Attack as your lock screen!)


iPhone 4 Wallpaper 

iPhone5 Wallpaper






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I wanted to follow-up on a previous post  on typographic posters I designed to play around with printing techniques on black. This time I have optimised them to view on the web to make posting them easier!

Normally I like design that is easy to appreciate at first glance, with an upbeat feel. For these posters, the ‘Shy’ theme is a bit more gloomy and dark with the message being hard to spot.

Ideally I would have liked to make this set in white to contrast the black series, with Spot UV text, but for ease I have gone for the print designers favourite, CMYK.

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Lonely Hearts Club

I created a recruitment poster for a ‘Lonely Hearts Club’ inspired by a Marina and the Diamonds song on the album Electra Heart.

A quick simple project for fun that plays on lyrics from other songs. No new members as of yet.

(spot the typo…)

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Volcano Whale Eruption

Today I imagined what if evil whales could shoot out lava…

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“Silly Voices” – making a children’s book

When my sister said she wanted to write a children’s book and I saw her first draft, the first thing that came to mind was the potential for a great visual book for both children and adults. That is how Silly Voices came about!

Being a Primary School teacher, she nailed an endearing, sweet plot that is designed to be read aloud (with children’s help). As well as the storyline she also illustrated the whole book herself. Where as I would have probably tried to over perfect the drawings, the simple, pastel and stencil visuals stand out as part of what makes this book great. We discussed what images would go where and how what I could do digitally to enhance the spreads.

The visuals are only aided by selected use of fun typography. The clean white background is consistent throughout (which affected the choice to keep plain white paper rather than recycled which we had planned).

It has been a satisfying and enjoyable project, working with my family was a new experience and one I would do again! So far each of the books printed I have hand made and bound, but we are both looking for ‘Silly Voices’ to reach everyone!

Preview the first few pages of Silly Voices below:

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For more information or enquiries just get in touch, hello@danmackey.co.uk

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Getting Sketchy

Just a quicky, a few sketches of mine for various projects. Most went on to be coloured or developed in Photoshop and Illustrator.

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