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Whack Attack

My favourite game by far when I was young was Whack Attack…

The Wack-A-Mole type board game used bright colours and five memorable faces that you had to smash in with a hammer. The 80’s/90’s game never made a comeback, but my love of the design slicked (with an unhealthy obsession with pink and green together blamed on Whack Attack).

I’ve created vector designs for each of the faces which I’ve turned into posters, t-shirts and iPhone wallpapers. I love their simplicity and their emotive monster faces are perfect for Halloween!

The t-shirts are available from my t-shirt store at danmackey.spreadshirt.co.uk

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iPhone 4 wallpapers:
Blue Face 
Yellow Face
Green Face

iPhone 5 wallpapers:
Blue Face
Yellow Face
Green Face



Here is the hottest new iPhone 4 & 5 wallpaper to have at the moment (Use Whack Attack as your lock screen!)


iPhone 4 Wallpaper 

iPhone5 Wallpaper






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Still Alive

I’m still here and still been keeping busy with a few design bits and bobs!

Here’s just a handful:

Halloween Pumpkin! I spent a while making my holey lantern pumpkin. After designing and doing this one, this year I’d love to make more of these non scary pumpkin carving.

Christmas Cards, I made a few all white cards over Christmas all made by my shaky hand and craft knife. They were a pain to do but I’d like to do more with the Christmas Yeti



London 2012 Olympics I’ve always had in mind after my Royal Wedding tea set papercraft that I would like to do more free designs to celebrate a big event. I’m still trying out a few different designs and templates to make up so watch this space!

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