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11 Rugby Road Christmas Open House

11 Rugby Road Brighton website

Christmas lights are going up across Brighton and hove this week, which means it’s time for artists all over our city to open their doors invite every one in.

The concept of an open house has developed in Brighton over the years to become a must ‘Brighton’ thing to experience. For those who aren’t yet in the loop, the Open Houses are when an artist or collective of arty types turn their houses into pop up gallery’s. Treasured nic naks are replaced with sculpture, artworks and handmade craft, each home becomes a fascinating mini exhibition space filled with beautiful items to fascinate and inspire you – and the best of all, everything is for sale!

11 Rugby Road Brighton Art and craft
You can spend an entire weekend strolling from home to home ticking off every item on your Christmas list and with the knowledge each purchase is unique, handcrafted and truly special, while it also supports local artists. And if you find a few extra gifts for yourself as well that you know you have had a good day.

11 Rugby Road Brighton Adam and Dan
Adam and Daniel at 11RugbyRoad.com open their home also at 11 Rugby Road and number 43 in this years book. They have opened for 2 years together and each time they do they attempt a bigger show than the last. In May their home becomes a breath of fresh spring air and during Christmas a magical spell descends where every room is open and full to the brim with festive spirit. Even the bathroom turns into an exhibition of handmade porcelain lights called “crunckles” waiting to be picked. The fund raising kitchen at 11 Rugby Road has gained a reputation during Open House season for wowing with floor to ceiling treats, and this year doesn’t disappoint! The warming smell of cinnamon and mulled wine invites you in where you discover seemingly endless amounts of candy canes, chocolate and gingerbread. Their ‘help yourself’ gold mulled wine also ticks all of the festive boxes! Inside lounge turned into a Narnia-est forest of Christmas trees will have something for anyone on the search for the perfect gift to match either the naughty or nice person in your life.

11 Rugby Road Brighton xmas
There is something for everyone at this open home, with handcrafted ceramic decorations starting at just £1. Inspiration is free and the boys will happily discuss projects and ways of working with you, so that if your not inspired by what you see in their home you will surely leave with a craft idea or technique of your own.

You don’t have to be invited to an open house, all you need do is pick up a trail booklet, usually found in cafes or pubs around the city, or visit www.aoh.com and pick out the houses you want to visit.

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Christmas cards 2014

Selection of my Christmas card designs 2014

Selection of my Christmas card designs 2014

I have been working on Christmas in some shape or from since July, and am really proud to finally show the designs I have made for Christmas cards this year. Including geometric winter animals, typographic jolly songs and and old favourite from Christmas past. I would love to hear what people think! They’re finished in various ways, including hand hole punched boarders and special pearlescent paper. These are available to buy online at danmackey.bigcartel.com and also in person at the Brighton Artist Open House where I’m selling at 11 Rugby Road weekends from 29th Nov – 14th Dec. They’ll be lots of posters, prints, gifts and festive treats! Also keep an eye on the website as it expands in the new year. Good Typography Christmas Card 2014 Cool xmas design Christmas animals by designer to buy

I’m supporting Just a Card, for encouraging independent designers and card makers.

Just a Card Button
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Alternative Shy Christmas Cards

I’ve crafted Christmas cards in same style as my Shy poster series, that featured different printing techniques and subtle colour changes to show a subtle, typographic message.

The worst thing about these cards is that they don’t photograph well! The Christmassy message written on each I’ve got to a perfect amount of visibility (through lots of trial and error).

The first card is fairly traditional with the lyrics “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” on the front in… white. The minimal, effortlessly cool style of the white on white is perfect for those that like a twist on standard Christmas cards.

The other cards take their inspiration for the Pogues song Fairytale of New York. These ‘shy’ cards have had a Christmas drink and are now a bit sweary.

You’re a bum
You’re a punk
You’re an old slut on junk
Lying there almost dead on a drip in that bed
You scumbag, you maggot
You cheap lousy faggot
Happy Christmas your arse
I pray God it’s our last

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Christmas Cards 2012

I’ve been busy making Christmas cards with a unique little feel.

My Yeti Christmas cards use clean, minimal design to show off the furry coat he has on. Each one has to be cut out individually which means each looks unique and appears to have a different personality. These aren’t just Christmas cards, you’re adopting a new family member when you receive these!

A limited number are available to buy now on danmackey.bigcartel.com. See how they are made in the gallery below:

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Now submitted to the ‘Christmas Card Off’! Give it a like on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/moneysupermkt/christmas-card-craft-off/

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