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Shy Posters #1

I’ve started a small series of experimental print/typographic posters. They’re really difficult to take pictures of and don’t work as a digital version which makes this post a bit pointless…

They’re completely back with a mix of black, registration ink and over printing. As it takes more than one glance to see past the black, I see the posters as being shy and have lines to reflect this.

A few pictures trying to show the 2 posters that use different printing techniques

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Still Alive

I’m still here and still been keeping busy with a few design bits and bobs!

Here’s just a handful:

Halloween Pumpkin! I spent a while making my holey lantern pumpkin. After designing and doing this one, this year I’d love to make more of these non scary pumpkin carving.

Christmas Cards, I made a few all white cards over Christmas all made by my shaky hand and craft knife. They were a pain to do but I’d like to do more with the Christmas Yeti



London 2012 Olympics I’ve always had in mind after my Royal Wedding tea set papercraft that I would like to do more free designs to celebrate a big event. I’m still trying out a few different designs and templates to make up so watch this space!

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Small towns have feelings too

Have meant to make these for a while as been written down in my little ideas book that normally gets filled before I go to bed.

Living in the middle of nowhere I find it difficult to explain where I’m from to most people. This little series goes to show that there is life outside London in the south east.

They’re not 100% finished…

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New Bits

A few new bits I’ve worked on recently. First My REBEL sheep design for YEAH MAGAZINE winter 2010 issue pictured bellow. Definitely check the mag out it has loads of brilliant young creatives featured. Secondly when the trees all have no leaves this time of the year and everyone is going manic shopping for Christmas, the sale tree comes in handy.

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Website Update

My site is undergoing a little change and in the meantime my little paper monsters are holding things together.

Getting Sketchy

Just a quicky, a few sketches of mine for various projects. Most went on to be coloured or developed in Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Tshirt Designs

One type of design I’ve love coming back to is tshirt design. You get something that nobody else has and works out cheaper than most tees.

Here are just a few of my designs but will update with photographs of the printed tshirts.

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