Paper Jam

Paper jams are my least favourite type of jam. I’m sure I get them more than anyone else when printing…  My take on a paper jam transforms it into a craft piece that anyone can put together. Three different versions in magenta, cyan and black, these Paper Jams are not like the ones you are used to.

The templates for these are available to download, print and make up below:

Paper Jam (cyan)
Paper Jam (Magenta)

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6 thoughts on “Paper Jam

  1. faywray says:

    Ah beautiful, Dan. Will do . Thank you

  2. faywray says:

    Oh, just re-read it. Yes, please put the template on soon xxx

  3. danmackey says:

    Thank you! I’ve updated with the blue and pink template now

  4. faywray says:

    Bless you, have printed them off. Will they be as difficult as the teapot I wonder? Only one way to find out. I really love your things. You’re so talented.

    My teapot and cups are still pride of place on my dresser, albiet a bit dusty. Thank you so much


  5. […] with a printer knows how frustrating paper jams can be, right? But not these paper jams (of a different variety) by Daniel Mackey. His clever souvenirs are a […]

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