“Silly Voices” – making a children’s book

When my sister said she wanted to write a children’s book and I saw her first draft, the first thing that came to mind was the potential for a great visual book for both children and adults. That is how Silly Voices came about!

Being a Primary School teacher, she nailed an endearing, sweet plot that is designed to be read aloud (with children’s help). As well as the storyline she also illustrated the whole book herself. Where as I would have probably tried to over perfect the drawings, the simple, pastel and stencil visuals stand out as part of what makes this book great. We discussed what images would go where and how what I could do digitally to enhance the spreads.

The visuals are only aided by selected use of fun typography. The clean white background is consistent throughout (which affected the choice to keep plain white paper rather than recycled which we had planned).

It has been a satisfying and enjoyable project, working with my family was a new experience and one I would do again! So far each of the books printed I have hand made and bound, but we are both looking for ‘Silly Voices’ to reach everyone!

Preview the first few pages of Silly Voices below:

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For more information or enquiries just get in touch, hello@danmackey.co.uk

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4 thoughts on ““Silly Voices” – making a children’s book

  1. Paula Bailey says:

    Brilliant! When does it go into print? I’d love to get a copy for my friend and her baby.

  2. Lauren M says:

    Dan, do you think this would be a good publisher to approach?


    They seem to have a lot of visual/graphic books.

  3. Great project, let us know when it gets published!

  4. Dan's Stuff says:

    […] is Silly Beans, a sequel of sorts to Silly Voices. A children’s book designed to be read aloud, Silly Beans uses interactive counting and […]

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