My Midas Typography Panda

Decided to do my first post after all my work has been handed in and marked. Is werid being all finished. Trying to do productive things but get easily distracted by daytime antiques programmes…

One of my distractions today was to finally paint my ‘Qee’ which I was bought at Christmas. He is a MonQee but I’ve designed him as a panda with gold hands and letters for features. Used matt blackboard paint which is my chosen media at the moment!

Reminded me of the Cow Parade model I painted when I was 18 or something. I want to go see the newer Elephant Parade in London at the moment too. Will do my best to steal one too.

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3 thoughts on “My Midas Typography Panda

  1. elviramental says:

    That’s a great panda. It does feel odd being finished.

  2. danmackey says:

    I feel endlessly lazy even if am doing something. Its horrible!

  3. elviramental says:

    We’ve become used to having goals and deadlines. Doing things now are almost aimless in comparison. It will pass.

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